Day 18-Custer, South Dakota and Mt. Rushmore

Day 18: Mount Rushmore

Howdy partners! Today was day 18. We were fortunate enough to sleep in ‘til a rare 7:15, a whole extra hour! We packed up from Ponderosa, as Will and Sanders climbed trees, and started our journey to the beautifully uninteresting South Dakota. However, the journey to the lower Dakota took us through more of the beautiful state of Wyoming. Throughout the morning, we saw countless waterfalls, beautiful yellow and red cliffs under beautiful skies, and trees and grass; a refreshing sight after miles of desert. For breakfast, we munched on “big muffins” and bananas for some much needed vitamins after the days’ countless carbs. The day was filled with plenty of driving, but it seemed to go quicker than most days, with amazing conversation between friends. We also got to stop at an amazing truck stop that might as well have been a free ice cream bar (free samples), general store, and restaurant all in one. Many people got coffee and took advantage of the delicious pizza selection to the annoyance of our counselors and bus driver. After this stop, we had a lunch of King’s Hawaiian rolls with ham, turkey and cheese, along with chips and cookies. We drove on for another couple hours before reaching one of the biggest Walmarts we had been to. The girls really had to use the restroom, but it was in the middle of being cleaned, so they forced the employee to take his break to use it. Leah also fell on her way to the bathroom, tired from the 102 degree parking lot, oops. From here, it was not a long drive to Custer State Park where we began practicing for a dance competition to the song, “Blinding Lights” by the Weeknd while our cooks made a nostalgic meal of chicken nuggets, watermelon and lots of mac n’ cheese. Zac got a little roughed up when Ethan was trying to vault over him and Braydon, pushing his head down to the pavement. Don’t worry, he’s alright! After a delicious dinner, we went to Mount Rushmore, an undeniably important landmark to American history and determination. As we gazed upon the Heads of Tom, Georgie, Ted and Abe, we ate overpriced ice cream and bought overpriced souvenirs. Then, we went to our sleeping accommodation for the night, a YMCA gym that doubled as the world’s largest freestanding log cabin according to the kind, lifeguard who managed it. We then held our dancing competition. It was a tough battle with lots of effort from all groups, but in the end Sneezys pulled through and managed to win. After the day’s excitement, we finally bedded down and headed to sleep.

Who knew counselors actually sleep.

Evidence that even though we sleep in the woods every other night we can still prove we aren't completely animals.

Grant is clearly the only one excited to be learning about South Dakota from Tucker.

Lauren had a great presentation, as well

Strom's presentation

Katy and her wonderful presentation from memory

Abbi presenting her research

Probably our favorite sight of the whole day :)

Bashfuls rehearsing for the big dance off.

We feel you, Lexie. Cooking is stressful.

Chicken nuggies!!

Kelly and Gracyn's faces are my personal favorites.

If you didn't know, apparently there are Wonder Woman watches that sing and take pictures sold at Walmart. Be like Patrick and get yours today!

This meal was definitely a fan favorite. 10/10 recommend.

All smiles after that delicious meal

Nobody fell out I promise.


South Carolina Represent

Nothing like a bromance and the founding fathers.

Nothing like some quick bball to get ready for the big dance off.


You can already tell we were off to a great start with the Sleepy group!

This was followed by a rather impressive crash landing by Will.

We all know Emily bodied her solo.

Even though they didn't have judges, it's pretty obvious the counselors were the true winners.

Sneezys- The Champs


Uh oh-




The Bashfuls

Don't look at the left side.

The ice cream was Dallas approved.

Happy girlies

Big shoutout to our cooks- still smiling even though it's actually really hard :)

Happys are you enjoying it?


Free Samples!!

Definitely one of the best rest stops of the trip!

Featuring the few people who didn't just eat the free samples.