After the Trip! TWB Reflections

TWB Reflections

  • "TWB was the most life changing and beautiful experience!"-Caitlyn Federation, Belmont NC
  • "TWB has taught me many life lessons, but it has mostly taught me that I do not always have to be the shoulder to cry on and that I can be vulnerable towards other people."-Grace McTigue, Concord NC
  • "TWB was a building block to finding myself, even at 18 years old. It showed me the beauty in the world, (God's creation) and the beauty of being alive, which I needed."- Haylee Kinman, Cherryville NC
  • "TWB was way out of my comfort zone, but I'm so happy I did it."- Alyssa Hines, Beaufort SC
  • "I'm so glad my mom pushed me to do it."- Lillie Hedrick, Sanford NC
  • "Take every chance you get to try something new."- Gabe Skeete, Charlotte NC
  • "TWB is truly a once in a lifetime experience."-Kack Harris, Sanford NC
  • "There's nothing like this trip, and I'm so glad that I got to experience it."-Ainsley Kimble, Sanford NC
  • "TWB was a once in a lifetime experience so make sure you enjoy all of it."- Lizzie Outlaw, Pageland SC
  • "I thank God everyday for giving me this amazing opportunity."-Faith Johnson, Elon NC
  • "It goes by in a flash, so enjoy every second while it lasts."-Lauren Sumner, Elon NC
  • "Open your eyes, enjoy every second because it goes by too quickly."- Ella Wishart, Gastonia NC
  • "TWB has been the most impactful experience of my life!"- Seth Spicer, Fuquay-Varina NC
  • "TWB taught me that I'm tougher that I thought."- Katy Watkins, Gastonia NC
  • "The most fun I've ever had not showering."-Grayson Lynch, Wilmington NC
  • "Once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget."- Paige Currin, Raleigh NC
  • "I learned to live and learned to love. We will never be in this exact spot or with these same people ever again. It's sad to think about, but it showed me to do whatever you want because the next minute is not always promised. It also has shown that being myself I can be loved and accepted."-Trinity Skipper, Whiteville NC
  • "Don't worry about tomorrow, instead focus on the moment you're in."-Thomas Wright, Mooresville NC
  • "Biggest once in a lifetime experience to grow as a better person."-  Emily Hinson, Monroe NC
  • "TWB is an experience I will never forget and I'm so glad I ended up on this trip with this special group of people."- Grace Kayler, Leland NC
  • "TWB is an unreal and incredible experience where I met so many friends, made memories, and got to see the beautiful country of America. It truly changed me as a person and my outlook on life."- Megan Harvey, Wake Forest NC
  • "This trip was a chance for me to find myself and meet some pretty awesome friends I will hopefully have for the rest of my life."- Molly Berger, Charlotte NC
  • "TWB helped me find people I could truly be myself around and my best friends."- Carynn Davis, Butner NC
  • "TWB is an amazing experience I am glad that I received. I feel way more independent and it is truly a self-discovery."- Georgia Allen, Monroe, NC
  • "Do every single thing possible because you may not be able to do it again. Also, branch out!"- Gracyn Hilliker, Lancaster SC
  • "An experience that will change your life!"Abbi Williams, Laurinburg NC
  • "My anxiety was really bad, but the wonderful counselors helped me open up. Don't be afraid to express yourself!"- Braydon Mullins, Mooresville NC
  • "An absolutely fantastic experience which has ups and downs you can go through with some amazing people."- Carson Faulkner, Mooresville NC
  • "Probably one of the best experiences I will ever have that I will tell others about."- Seth Greer, Holly Springs NC
  • "An experience that is not just for the sights, but for you and your best friends."- Asher Alexander, Laurinburg NC 
  • "An incredible journey where I learned about my country, faith, and independence."- Abby Lucas, Eden NC
  • "Be friends with everyone and when in doubt, be kind. Do the thing you're scared of."-Holland Perryman, Beaufort SC
  • "Be grateful for this experience. It's not every day you can travel cross-country and make friends out of strangers."-Grace Robertson, Wilmington NC
  • "Tiring, exciting, and some of the best people and places you will ever see."-Riley Britt, Whiteville NC
  • "TWB was an amazing experience where you learn more about yourself, others, and our beautiful country."- Mary Ava McGrath, Belmont NC
  • "TWB has given me a new perspective on Christ, places, and all the people that I have been given the opportunity to meet."- Anslie Ollis, Lincolnton NC
  • "TWB can't be explained, it must be experienced."- Patrick Abbott, Barnwell SC
  • "The journey is greater than the destinations."-Christian Dennis, Mooresville NC
  • "10/10 would recommend."- Charlie Bowden, Beaufort SC
  • "Best decision I've ever made. I promise it lives up to they hype!"- Camille Stone, Roxboro NC
  • "Not to be cheesy, but it's the trip of a lifetime."- Sanders Bridgers, Beaufort SC
  • "A once in a lifetime opportunity that will never be forgotten."-Zac Lewis, Mount Holly NC
  • "I was definitely scared to come on this trip, but I am so glad I had the chance to meet all these people that I can call family."-Haley Overcash, Gold Hill NC
  • "TWB helped me realize the kind of person I want to be when I get home."- Larkin Gliddon, Cramerton NC
  • "Live in the moment and enjoy every minute of it, but don't forget where you came from."- William Childers, Union SC
  • "For a trip I wasn't originally excited about, I feel like I've made lifetime friendships and learned about real love."-Amelia Brunson, Beaufort SC
  • "Truly the most unforgettable trip and people I've ever met."- Emma Shokes, Newton NC
  • "Don't sleep, you can do that later. Talk and stay up late on this trip as much as possible."- Samuel Wynkoop, Clover SC
  • "No one will ever get how much of an experience this trip is unless you have gone on it."- Morgan Plaster, Reidsville NC
  • "Every part of the trip is designed to make you a better person."-Will Hammond, Charlotte NC
  • "Don't anticipate, just participate" is some of the best advice I've ever received. It changed how I approached the trip and how I'll live my life."-Karis Menudier, Sherrills Ford NC
  • "Slept on the ground for 23 days and still had the time of my life."-Mallory Blalock, Gastonia NC
  • "This trip has been an amazing experience that has changed my life and has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people that I wouldn't have met otherwise."-Emily Koehler, Belmont NC
  • "A great experience to find yourself."-Lexie Pell, Stoneville NC
  • "Amazing beauty to see with 80 beautiful people."- Sophia O'Sullivan, Cary NC
  • "Sleep when your dead, live in the moment."-Ashton Woodruff, Cornelius NC
  • "I made lifetime friends and memories I will cherish forever, no regrets."- Kelly Kang, Morrisville NC
  • "The most defining, emotional, and life-changing 23 days of your life."-Ethan Jung, Mount Holly NC
  • "Breathtaking experience."- Evan Blair, Columbia SC
  • "Personal hygiene is unfortunately not important, but you meet strangers you never want to leave behind."-Ansley Grace Still, Denmark SC
  • "A once in a lifetime trip that can't be explained, it can only be experienced."- J. Strom Thurmond, Aiken SC
  • "No words can explain the feeling of going on TWB and meeting 74 strangers I'm now happy to call my best friends."- Emily Revels, Belmont SC
  • "Run as fast as you can to the showers."-Logan Tuck, Bamberg SC
  • "Through the ups and downs, be sure to be thankful for the life you have."-Mason Pleasant, Reidsville NC
  • "I made the best memories with people I will never forget."-Anna King, Stanley NC
  • "An unforgettable experience with many memories."- Tucker Whitley, Durham NC
  • "It only took a couple days to realize that the people you meet on the trip are what make the places you go so memorable."- Samantha Bolton, Gastonia NC
  • "I'm thankful for every person on this trip."-Cate Polston, Barnwell SC
  • "TWB is amazing. Take the opportunity and run with it, you will regret it if you don't."-Taylor Mitchell, Sanford NC
  • "The best experience of my life!"- Leah Wood, Seven Lakes NC
  • "I found myself and my people through this 23 day trip of a lifetime."- Katherine Kawyn, Matthews NC
  • "The greatest source of friends ever, EVER!"- Nate McGowan, Mooresville NC
  • "On this trip I didn't think I was going to make any friends, but I have made what I believe will be life long friends on this trip."-Evan Capo, Huntersville NC

Day 23- Return

Day 23-HOME

Hello everyone! Here is our final blog for the 2021 trip :(
Today we woke up at 7:00 am, got gas in the vans, then headed to our last Walmart stop of the trip. On our bus ride to Walmart, we had many people request sad songs to get us in our feels. Willy finally got his Fudge Rounds that he hasn’t had since Las Vegas. He said, “Every Walmart since Las Vegas hasn’t had ANY Fudge Rounds.” Lots of people tried JoJo Siwa ice cream; they finished the whole carton in 5 minutes. After Walmart, we loaded up and headed back into North Carolina. While on the ride we ate breakfast. We had croissants with nutella, peanut butter, and bananas. On the bus they had a dance party with all the new friends. Kelly said the party was “immacuLIT.” They played songs from the early 2000s and after. On Miss America, they jammed out as well. Carolina Girl jammed out too, while Evan C., Zac, Tucker were standing up in the back giving us a concert. We also got to listen to some songs from Hamilton. Mallory and Alyssa became track stars to the bathroom at the rest stop. We ate our last gourmet lunch of TWB with choices of chicken caesar wraps or PBJs. After riding some more, we stopped at a Sheetz to complete our jobs of the trip. While we are blogging, there are people cleaning the vehicles and getting the kitchen trailer organized. Patrick has bittersweet feelings about this day. We then head to our final stop before Mallard Creek. There we say our final goodbyes to each other before seeing our family and friends.
What a journey this has been!
Love you, mean it-The Grumpys

Walmart trips will never be the same

One last chance to spend $$$$

What. A. Crew.

Dance party on the bus

One last Flying J stop

Dancing in the rain together as a family

One last meeting with Grant

The goodbyes are so bittersweet

These are happy tears

The last bus ride to Mallard Creek

Reunited and it feels so good

The friendships we made will last forever